Africa to the World

The African continent is endowed with vibrancy, creativity, culture, it's people, and strong brands weaving coherently into what makes the engines of economies move.

Every country needs strong brands that stimulate the private sector and drive growth in the economy. The necessity of strong brands is in their value and purpose. They generate income for their countries of operation, create jobs for the local workforce, and act as ambassadors for their countries of origin. The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, if nothing at all, has made it apparent the need for African countries to support the private sector and build strong, valuable brands and businesses. It is time for brands in Africa to stand up and show the world their resilience now, during COVID as well as post-COVID, and step up to explore their relevance to consumers and the world.

The recognition of this value and purpose has spurred many countries across the world to provide support and impetus for the creation of strong brands. Recent research from Brand Finance revealed the compelling link between strong brands and stock market performance. However, Africa has not been successful at creating, nurturing, and then exporting its brands as well as nations to the center stage of the Global market.

The theme of our conference “Africa to the World”, being spearheaded by the IAA on its global compass platform, will showcase the thought-leadership and insights across the continent and dial the significance of Brands as The Engine Of Economic Revival in Africa.

In this COVID-19 era, it is crucial that Business Leaders across the continent work in unison together with Governments to ensure a united voice that resonates across the globe.

It is about time that African Brands are recognized for their potential and spirit. It is time that African Brands start rubbing shoulders with other big giants through their success stories. By evaluating and valuing brands, we provide a body of research on what makes a brand strong and valuable.

The IAA and its partners (Brand Finance, CNN & Women in Marketing) welcome you to the 4th Africa Rising Leadership conference which is bringing the African Continent together on a stage that will throw light on the many successes of Brands in Africa. These two days will feature some of the most skilled speakers and panelists from Africa and the world, who will share their knowledge and experiences. By the end of this conference, the impact of Africa Rising will truly be felt across the world.





    28th - 29th Sep 2021


    28th - 29th Sep 2021


    28th - 29th Sep 2021