The “Committed” Brand

To start the day, Mimi Turner of the B2B Institute @ LinkedIn will provide a research-based overview of the core elements that drive brand health, pricing power and long-term value creation. Mimi will discuss the importance of reaching the right people, how to create the right message and outline the value of creative commitment, setting the stage for the sessions to come.


Mimi Turner, Head of EMEA & Latin America, The B2B Institute @ LinkedIn

The “Relentlessly Relevant” Brand

Almost overnight, Moderna became one of the world’s most recognized brands, delivering its life-saving Covid-19 vaccine to the world with breathtaking speed. Yet, as the crisis lessened, so did Moderna’s brand awareness. See how Moderna has used “relentless relevance” to re-energize and re-launch its brand to create even greater long-term opportunity.


Kate Cronin, Chief Brand Officer, Moderna

The “Transformative” Brand

Med-tech giant GE Healthcare is set to spin off from GE as an independent company and entirely new brand that intends to humanize this “industrial” category. Dell has transformed from a PC leader to a $100 billion global technologies provider as much B2B as it is B2C. Strategy and storytelling are driving transformation and growth at both of these B2B powerhouses.


Kristin Fallon, VP, Global Brand & Digital Marketing, GE Healthcare

Rachael Henke, Senior Director of Global Brand Campaigns, Advertising and Talent Attraction, Dell Technologies

Tom Stein, Chairman, Stein IAS

The “Cannes” Brand

At the 2022 Festival, Cannes at long last invited the B2B category onto its world stage with the first-ever B2B Creative Lions. The most surprising B2B brand winner? The Dole Sunshine Company and its Piñatex brand, a vegan, cruelty free and sustainable leather substitute. In this session, Rupen Desai, Dole’s CMO, will talk about the need for a new language of humanized growth, of regenerative growth – one in which purpose has to be the business model.


Rupen Desai, CMO, Dole Sunshine Company

The “Always-On” Brand

Recent research from The Wall Street Journal reveals that if you're not already on a two-to-three provider "short list" when need arises, there is very little likelihood of brand consideration. At this session, the panel probes the need for and means of being an “always-on” brand at the top of the consideration set.


Rob Welch, SVP Enterprise Media and Partnerships, The Wall Street Journal

More speakers to come

The “Most Valuable” Brand

Indispensable though they’ve always been, B2B brands rose to their greatest prominence to date during the pandemic by solving the world’s greatest challenges -- from supply chain to sustainability to digital transformation. For the first time, Brand Finance has released research identifying the most valuable B2B brands along with insights on what drives value in B2B.


David Haigh, CEO, Brand Finance

The “Power” Brand

Shell’s business is energy. Its strategy is “powering progress.” From B2B to B2C to B2B2C, Shell is one of the most powerful brands in the world. Yet, in a world beset by challenges, how does the Shell brand reconcile and manifest its objectives of powering lives, respecting nature, achieving net-zero emissions…and delivering shareholder value? Join Shell’s Dean Aragón at this fireside chat.


Dean Aragón, CEO, Shell Brands International

The ‘Future Demand’ Brand

Brand in B2B has often lived in the shadow of “demand.” Yet, research by the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute indicates that only 5% of buyers are actively in-market at any given time. By positioning “brand” as the driver of “future demand,” B2B marketers are now changing c-suite mindsets and unlocking brand investment. This session explores how the movement to interlock brand and demand is emergent among growth-focused enterprises.


Andrew Greenwood, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, ZS

Mirko Mueller-Goolsbey, Director, Brand Marketing, SAS

Derek Stewart, Chief Strategy Officer, Stein IAS

The “Big Bet” Brand

What does “going big” look like for a B2B brand? For Salesforce, it looks like this: creating an award-winning TV commercial at this year’s Super Bowl starring Matthew McConaughey. And running its “We Bring Companies and Customers Together” campaign with persistency and consistency. The net result of placing such big bets? Salesforce is now a top 10 global B2B brand and the fourth fastest-growing brand in the world. Explore more at this fireside chat.


Jo Pettifer, VP UK&I Marketing, Salesforce

The “Board-Level” Brand

At EY, its Board is fully on board when it comes the power of brand as growth driver. Emanating from its purpose to foster “A Better Working World,” brand at EY now extends beyond marketing to drive all key business decisions based on this unifying purpose. From the origination of the strategy…to the development of the organizing idea and expression…to making the case for and showing the impact of sustained media investment…to the ultimate impact on revenue growth, brand value and internal engagement, John Rudaizky showcases the power of brand in B2B as a primary growth accelerator.


John Rudaizky, Global Brand & Experiences Leader, EY

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