Founder & Catalyst, Kaleidoko

A world-renowned visionary and initiator, who is passionate about the progress of relevant brand engagement across all media channels, Dean’s expertise fuses futuristic insights, creative technology and mainstream marketing. Evangelising about technological and cultural advancements, industry convergence and shifting consumer behaviour, Dean speaks frequently with business leaders and marketers across the globe about how to navigate the inevitability of change. Design-trained, he seeks to inspire measured innovation to produce tangible business results, and ultimately help organisations transform by re-thinking and optimising their positioning strategies though a grounded understanding of current and future trends.

A powerful storyteller and engaging public speaker, Dean has delivered perspective-shifting presentations at over 250 industry events, across more than 35 countries around the world, and is regularly quoted in international press. Having sat on various IAB Councils on both sides of the pond over the last decade, Dean’s continual research into the development of ethical media practice – balancing proximity-based advertising with privacy concerns – obtained him a Masters at the UK’s leading research and innovation centre, based at Bournemouth University. This also led to him advising European Ministers on the effects of media convergence on future EU policy. Dean has recently completed a CRISPR: Gene-editing Applications course with Harvard.