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Since its inception in 2015, the Africa Rising conference has served as a key event on the MarCom calendar across the continent and has over the years played host to some of the most influential marketing communications professionals from across Africa and the rest of the world. With 5 editions since 2015 and over 400 participants each year from around the world, Africa Rising continues to lead the charge in building a vibrant MarCom industry across the continent and ultimately spreading the IAA’s agenda across the region.

Africa Rising returns for the 6th edition with the theme “Building Future Ready Brands”. This year’s theme will focus on 6 main areas that will help brands prepare for the future.

Automation and AI are changing the way businesses function today, with the introduction of AI tools to do everything from designing, writing reports based on just little keywords.
As these technologies increase, they will eventually become “must-have” for organisations to stay ahead of their competitions. AI is the essential topic in this age that needs to be discussed.

Sustainability practices are no longer just ‘cool’ to have. They are for environmental and business reasons going mainstream.
Organisations that embrace sustainability towards the future will perform well on all parameters of business. It’s about focusing on the future and creating opportunities for the next generation against focusing on the now.

DE&I enhances a culture more conducive to belonging. If a workforce is made more diverse and inclusive, (gender empowerment, Focus and integration of disability in communities) it helps society while addressing the challenges of specialisation and scarcity.

Africa still has a young generation and as such need to protect the future and have a succession. People that will create an impact in the future.

As a developing continent, there is the need to harmonise and ensure that all aspects of the MarCom world come together to develop regulatory measures that help the industry thrive in this ever-changing world.

Creativity is being driven by technology now and makes the fabric of our existence.


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